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About a year ago we began our work on the 2017 CHEO Dream Home, a well known charitable pillar in our community. While we had a relative understanding of what we were getting ourselves into, we did not know at the time the kind of impact working with such a campaign would have on us.

Living in Ottawa, it is safe to say that we all have been touched by CHEO in one way or another. Whether it be our own children or grand children who have been treated there, or nieces, nephews, god children, neighbors, or even friends. We all know that it is a world renowned pediatric medical institution, and we all know that it is a cause that the community rallies behind on a regular basis. What we didn’t know, not for sure, was the care, compassion, and drive, of every single person who takes part in this project, and so many other like it.

Being given the opportunity to participate and contribute to such a project was a true honor for us; a privilege to participate with an organization that does so much good in our very own community. We were honored to have been chosen.

The work that we completed for last year’s CHEO dream home, three fireplaces in all, was work that was so important to us in so many ways. We are proud of every unit that we complete in someone’s home, but this felt different. While we were once again proud of the work that we completed, we felt that deep down, this work meant so much more.

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